Fitness deals ahoy!

Great Winnipeg fitness deals on now from gym passes to personal training sessions.

Great Winnipeg fitness deals on now from gym passes to personal training sessions.

Have no fear subscribers, I am still going to provide information regarding hotter than hot fitness deals! If you’re in the Lindenwoods area, perhaps consider signing up for a couple of deals through WagJag at Anytime Fitness, with passes starting at just $20!

Looking for an affordable introduction to working with a personal trainer? Pick up eight sessions for $99 (Reg. $256) with C-Pow Total Body Fitness.

There’s also deals on Kettlebell workout videos (if you’re more a home gym kind of person), and even discounted tickets ($10 reg. $20) to the Wellness Expo at the Winnipeg Convention Centre (Jan 11-13). Heck, there’s even a deal to get Chatelaine magazine subscription for $20, plus two cookbooks.

These deals are limited, so better get ’em on now if you want to take advantage. Happy deal shopping!


Goodlife Fitness wrap-up

Sun salutations were a big part of yoga-influenced classes at GoodLife Fitness.

Hi everyone! Sorry for my absence. My membership wrapped up at GoodLife Fitness on Nov 30 and I manged to sneak in a few more classes there, so I will quickly touch on those. I’ll also give you a brief update on my fitness status. Tomorrow? A post on some great fitness deals to be had in Winnipeg.

Last post I mentioned a high-intesity 30 mins cardio class. Most classes are actually an hour, so my mistake on that. I took yogafit, bodyflow, yogacore and a zumba class.

I honestly don’t remember the difference between yogafit and yogacore, but I think yogacore felt like a more traditional yoga class with lots of sun salutations and warrior 1 poses etc. Both yoga classes left me feeling stretched out and a bit sore the next day, which I always take as a good sign. Both classes had new age-y music playing in the background, which I liked. It seemed to fit the Goodlife “upbeat and happy” attitude that seems to prevail here. One evening they had a “member appreciation night,” and handed out a bunch of goodies from face masks to hand soap to conditioning treatments to class participants to say thanks for being a member. There was a food tray at the entrance as well. I thought it was a really nice touch.

The Zumba class was fun and it definitely got my heart pumping, especially since it went for a whole hour. I thought it would be short like the other aerobics class I took. Again, a great class to disguise the hidden working out benefits.

The bodyflow was a combo of tai chi (warm up and cool down), yoga and pilates. Traditional yoga/pilates teacher would probably cry sacrilege but I actually really like the variety of exercises in this class. I think there are benefits to doing all three, and this class totally takes advantage of that. I didn’t make it to Goodlife as often as I wanted due to it being kind of out of the way (I’m a bus to work gal now) and the class schedules not meshing with my work schedule, but overall I really liked this gym. I often shop at Superstore, so if I lived closer I would consider getting a membership here and knock two birds off with one stone.

I’ve purchased another wagjag voucher for Goodlife. I think for $22, this one comes with a personal training consultation, gym bag and again, a 30-day membership. I’m going to use it for the location near my work in the Canwest building so that I have a new place to write about and evaluate.

I feel like I’ve hit another fitness slump this month since the GL voucher expired. I’ve done lots of mall walking, which is awesome, but doesn’t quite make up for a proper exercise sesh. I do have a really austere, depressing fitness room in my apartment building that I used once, and will likely use again today for a quick 30-min jog on the elliptical. I renewed my Passport to Prana card and my goal is take a yoga class sometime between the 24th-Jan 2.

Also, if my mom has a guest pass to the Rady Centre (her gym of choice), then hopefully I’ll get to tag along to one of Todd or Max’s classes there–these guys are fun, lively instructors.

Here’s to plenty of health and happiness over the holidays. Stay tuned for my fitness deals tomorrow–you may even want to grab one as a last-minute gift!

Two fab fitness deals

Group classes are included in the Good Life Fitness Wagjag deal.

The reason for my lack of posts is my lack of exercise. I think about it every day and am not quite sure how I slipped into a slump, other than a whole slew of recent big changes. Excuses are a waste of time though. It’s time to get back into fitness! So this week, I’ve made a promise to myself to use my Wagjag voucher and check out Goodlife Fitness on Sargent on Tue evening. I’m excited to get back off the couch. It’s going to be a little sore at first but our bodies have pretty good muscle memory, so I’ll be back in the swing of things before I know it.

In the meantime, for those of you who are looking for ways to stay fit as the temperatures start to plummet (shiver), there are two great deals out there on WagJag and groupon.

The first? $22 for an unlimited gym pass for one month at GoodLife Fitness for women, both the Sargent and McPhillips locations (you choose). I’ve tried out the mens/womens Goodlife Fitness once and my experience was ok, but I don’t like to make a defined opinion until I’ve visited around 3 times at least. I look forward to the women’s-only aspect of it, as sometimes I find the beefy dudes by the weights a little intimidating.

Secondly, yoga buffs will want to take advantage of a half-price yoga class pass at Images Fitness. I’m tempted to pick this one up as it’s right by my place. You get 10 hot yoga or other yoga classes for $55, a steal! The schedule looks varied and there are lots of options, so it definitely seems like a good option.

In the meantime, my 2011 Lifestyle Pass expires tomorrow. I just saw on facebook that the new ones are out, so keep your eyes peeled! There were a few more fitness activities I would have liked to take advantage of before it expired but I look forward to seeing what the new booklet has to offer. I did take advantage of a non-fitness deal and picked up a buy two get one free meal deal from Supper Central and I’m heating up the lasanga as we speak! It looks like a pretty neat concept for busy families/working folks like myself– have you ever tried it before? You can either get ingredients for meals assembled for pick-up or delivery w/instructions on how to make each dish, or you can go to there and assemble meal packs yourself (that come with take-home instructions) and save a $7.50 assembly fee. I think it’s a great idea as no food goes to waste, you don’t have to battle grocery store crowds, there’s never the dreaded “crap, I’m missing an ingredient!” moments, cooking directions are simple and specific, and the nutritional breakdown for each meal is available.

With that being said, I’m going to tidy up the kitchen and get a veggie side dish ready to go with the meal. Happy Sunday and pre-Halloween!

Back to boot camp!

My soon-to-be bike for comfy summer cycling!

I head back to my TRX suspension boot camp tonight. At least now I’ve been once so I know what to expect. I’m going to be extra diligent with stretching and drinking lots of water so that I don’t end up so sore.

Tennis lessons are also on the horizon for tomorrow, as long as it doesn’t rain. Fingers crossed. I have not played enough tennis this year.

I’m also going to pick up the beautiful bike pictured so that I can start cycling again! It’s been too long since I had a bike. Bikes are a big investment, but if you choose the one that’s right for your needs they are affordable when you consider the cost per ride. If you aren’t using it as a main mode of transportation then there’s no need to drop a large amount. My bike is free thanks to an awesome contest I recently won through St. Vital Centre. I’m so excited to get it!

On a final note, there are two boot camp/conditioning fitness deals out there that I’ll point out in case you missed them.

Groupon is offering 10 outdoor fitness classes through Lure Outdoor Fitness for $39 (reg $100). Classes are held at The Forks or Assiniboine Park as weather permits, so you get a nice backdrop! I’m not sure I’d gamble on paying for outdoor classes given the crappy weather recently, but I’m sure that when it’s nice out, it’s REALLY nice to exercise in the great outdoors. It looks like there’s a wide variety to choose from, including yoga, dance and cardio strength.

WagJag has a deal on with Advantage Conditioning (2020 Portage Ave) for a four-week boot camp (12 total) plus fitness assessment for $64 (reg $161). They are held outdoors, so workouts happen rain or shine. Also, it looks like you have to bring a fair amount of equipment, which I’m not really a fan of. One nice thing about the program is you get a follow up every four weeks plus an at-home regime. Now that’s going the extra mile!

What summer activities are you taking part in? Drop me a comment!

YMCA visits complete & lots of spring exercise deals!

My apologies for not updating, but it’s been a stressful week trying to get a move organized. I felt so stressed one night in fact, that I passed on checking out the pool Thursday night at the YMCA in favour of chilling out on the couch with a movie. We’ve all been there.

Getting fit for summer in the great outdoors with a fitness boot camp

I did make it for one more session at the YMCA last week before my pass expired on Friday. I felt sore the next day (always a good sign!) My TV screen on my elliptical was broken and again, there were some neighbourly exercisers that didn’t know how to put on deodorant. But I’ll let that all slide because the facility itself is excellent and I’m glad I used my two-week pass there through CBC’s Live Right Now challenge. I made it for four visits, which isn’t too bad. I would have loved to try the pool.

With bosu freeing up my Tuesday nights (I’ve got a birthday gathering filling in that vacant night already), I’m really going to have to push to make sure I get some weekly workouts in there. How do busy parents fit in exercise?

I’ve got a boot camp voucher through, a gym pass (near my new place if I get it!) through dealfind and some classes to take advantage of on my passport to prana card and lots of great classes to try out through the Lifestyle Pass. I will keep you posted on what comes next starting this Thursday!

In the meantime, there’s a last chance deal through WagJag for fitness classes at Total Spirit Fitness. I’m not familiar with this studio at all, (Marquis Dance Academy location at 20 Island Shore Blvd., Unit 3) but it seems like it’s located in Island Lakes suburbia. There are classes offered Mon-Sat both during daytime and evening in classes like yoga, zumba, power tone etc. The deal is for 10 classes for $39 (reg. $100) and there is no expiry date on the voucher, which is pretty rare.

My boot camp knowledge is nil, but I know there seems to be a lot of deals out there so I’ll mention them.

SwarmJam is offering a 10-class fitness pass to 10 high intensity boot camp classes through Aspire Fitness (3501 McGillivray Blvd | Winnipeg, MB | R3Y1G5 | 204.832.0328) for $39-$29 (reg. $150) depending on how many people buy. The class name is pretty self-explanatory. This deal expires in two days and the voucher expires in March 2012. is also offering a deal on boot camp classes (‘Tis the season!) from Phitt Chicks Fitness Boot Camps (450 Lilac Street, 204 218-3024). This one is close to where I live so I’m tempted to buy it, but I’ve got another boot camp voucher that I haven’t cashed in  yet. The deal here is 10 sessions for $32 (reg. $125).

It seems like boot camps are hotter than hot and perfect for getting your bod into shape for swimsuit season. So tell me, have you gone the boot camp route? Is it awesome? I’m terrified (but still willing to give it a go) for some reason!

I know I missed a couple of other deals that popped up last week, so I promise to stay on top of that more. The lesson to be learned? Affordability shouldn’t be a barrier to fitness with all these great deals around. And like I’ve mentioned before, even the YMCA offers reduced memberships for those on low incomes.

WagJag yoga classes & free YMCA pass

All set to try out YMCA Downtown through CBC's Live Right Now program

Unlike other group buying sites, WagJag appears to let their deals run for a number of days. There’s one for 10 yoga classes for $49 (Reg $130) at Winnipeg Yoga Shala that ends in a few days. It’s a studio I am unfamiliar with but am curious about trying. Has anyone ever been there? They’ve got a unique “MySore” program that encourages individual practice with teacher assistance and supervision.

If you’re hesitant to part with $49 off the hop, check the studio out for a mere $5 first class. There are new student specials (not sure if they literally mean student of a university or if they are calling members students…) that are pretty decent: $50 for one month unlimited (including MySore) and $150 for three months for the MySore program (Reg $375). Unfortunately, the $5 first time class does not apply to the MySore program–one month is $135.

My goal for March was to work out a dozen times this month. I failed last week by only going once (blaming a particularly annoying visit from Aunt Flo for that).

However, I filled in the paper work for a two-week free trial of the YMCA downtown through CBC’s Live Right Now program after work today. The pool looks great and I can’t wait to try some classes as well! It looks like there are lots of different cardio and weight machine options should I feel like mixing up my routine. Generally, I’m not a machine person but throwing them in the mix here and there works fine. I plan on heading for my first session tomorrow after work and then again sometime on the weekend to make up for last week’s laziness.

Hey, we’re all human so I won’t beat myself too much about skimping on the exercise this month. I’m determined to beat the never-ending winter blahs and this blog is just the motivation I need to make sure I keep to it!



Sizzling Downtown Gym Deal

Shape up at Urban Wellness Centre in the heart of downtown.

There’s yet another hot group buying site “WagJag” that’s swept into Winnipeg and already they’ve got a fitness deal perfect for urbanites and downtown office dwellers. For $49, buyers can scoop up a two-month pass to Urban Wellness Centre in City Place ($105 value).

I haven’t been to Urban Wellness Centre as of yet, but a quick read-through of the facility sounds like it goes above and beyond your typical gym. Complimentary hair dryers, a steam room, and massage and dietitian services are just some of the impressive features.

Yoga, Guts & Butts and Bosu are just a few of the classes offered, which are packaged into lunch hour-friendly 45 minute workouts. I’m a “class” kind of gal, so I like sessions that are 1 hr. minimum. The classes are also only from Mon-Fri during work hours, so for those reasons, I’m passing on this otherwise attractive deal. If you’re still keen on giving it a whirl without laying down any cash, the first session is free.

Tomorrow’s post: Review of Moksha Yoga on Regent

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Note: I planned to write a post about snowboarding in Asessippi with some lift tickets I received through a Costco deal, but the trip was cancelled after my other half injured his collarbone. This post is on hold until further notice.