Break down into 30/20/10

Step right up and take a 30/20/10 class through the Leisure Guide.

Step right up and take a 30/20/10 class through the Leisure Guide.

Hello readers! I took a week-long break there as it was filled with after-work appointments and the like related to wedding and my regularly scheduled non-wedding activities. It feels nice to take a Sunday afternoon off to just sit back, write and reflect.

I thought I’d theme this post around a wonderful fitness class I am taking through the City of Winnipeg’s Leisure Guide. It’s called 30/20/10. Before I used to take all my Leisure Guide classes at Pan Am Pool, but now that I’m quite close to St. James Civic Centre, it has opened up some new class possibilities. After perusing the guide last fall, I decided to pick one weekly class (wanted to leave the rest of the week free for other activities) on Monday evenings right after work. The 30/20/10 class really appealed to me because it breaks down an hour into a full-body, complete physical workout.

For the first 30 minutes, you do a short cardio warm up & cool down, along with some step and/or ground aerobics. Then, for the next 20 minutes you do weights using either the body bar or free weights. Twenty minutes isn’t a lot of time, so you don’t get to hit every muscle or target one area in-depth, but the instructor does a good job trying to get you through the major ones. Finally, there is a 10-minute stretching session at the end, an area in fitness that is often ignored, yet so crucial to overall health. The instructor plays lots of upbeat music and she has an energetic, friendly disposition. And of course, she always demonstrates low-impact/power moves and mods of exercises for all levels. Love that!

I took this class for 10 weeks last fall and only missed one where I was on holiday. So far I’m 2/2 for this year and still love it. It’s not a particularly advanced class, but if you’re looking for an affordable, all-over body and fitness workout then I highly suggest keeping an eye out for this class in the Leisure Guide at a centre near you!  P.S. This class isn’t on the drop-in list, but the instructor does allow drop-ins if you have one of those city passes you’d like to use.


Sizzling Downtown Gym Deal

Shape up at Urban Wellness Centre in the heart of downtown.

There’s yet another hot group buying site “WagJag” that’s swept into Winnipeg and already they’ve got a fitness deal perfect for urbanites and downtown office dwellers. For $49, buyers can scoop up a two-month pass to Urban Wellness Centre in City Place ($105 value).

I haven’t been to Urban Wellness Centre as of yet, but a quick read-through of the facility sounds like it goes above and beyond your typical gym. Complimentary hair dryers, a steam room, and massage and dietitian services are just some of the impressive features.

Yoga, Guts & Butts and Bosu are just a few of the classes offered, which are packaged into lunch hour-friendly 45 minute workouts. I’m a “class” kind of gal, so I like sessions that are 1 hr. minimum. The classes are also only from Mon-Fri during work hours, so for those reasons, I’m passing on this otherwise attractive deal. If you’re still keen on giving it a whirl without laying down any cash, the first session is free.

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Note: I planned to write a post about snowboarding in Asessippi with some lift tickets I received through a Costco deal, but the trip was cancelled after my other half injured his collarbone. This post is on hold until further notice.