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Streeeetch your worries away during a hot yin yoga class.

Streeeetch your worries away during a hot yin yoga class.

I can think of no lovelier way to end a work week with a wind-down class like yin yoga. I decided to take my first-ever yin yoga class post-work at Yoga Public, as I found I tend to prefer classes where poses are held vs. the super flow-y types where form is often sacrificed for speed/movement (I still do the latter anyway).

I was quite surprised to discover a) the class is mega popular as it was packed full when I wandered down to the 38C-heated room minutes before class started b) it’s a super slow down of your typical yoga class. As the class was only 45 minutes, it seemed to fly by super fast. Basically it was savasana, back twists, the butterfly leg pose with a neck drop, supported back bridge, another pose where sort of you sit on your knees w/toes curled under (INTENSE), then a straight knee sit followed by more savasana.

I encountered a major yoga fail moment when I kept falling asleep at the end. My body felt like jelly after being in the warm room and holding the stretches for so long…it was so nice and relaxing. It wasn’t challenging in a boot camp kick-your-ass sense, but I definitely had trouble following the breath, not falling asleep and checking my mind from wandering. I guess that’s why I need to “practice!” Bonus: I didn’t get super sweaty due to the nature of the exercise! This is the type of class I’d drop in for stress or tension relief or as a complement to my regular flexibility practice, but I couldn’t just do yin yoga alone and feel like it was enough to take care of my strength building/cardio needs.

Later in the evening I went on a skate date with my fiance to the newly expanded duck pond at Assiniboine Park. I haven’t gone since they expanded the duck pond or added the new washroom area with the cozy fireplace. While the scenery was gorgeous, I didn’t like how dark it felt while skating on the pond. I also bailed walking through the giant piles of snow leading to the rink. I think a bit of grooming in the area and some proper lighting would make it way better. The evening got me excited for a return to the River Trail at The Forks! We will definitely be hitting that up soon for some entertaining cardio exercise and pretty scenery.

Before I sign off, here’s a great article from Refinery 29 (one of my favourite websites) re: tips from fitness gurus on how to keep New Year’s resolution fitness goals.



Happy 2013!

They say variety is the spice of life. And while I haven’t been working out on a regular basis 3x per week, I have consistently completed at least ONE workout each week (Pretty sure I met my fitness goal for 2012 at least, yay!) and many have been activities I have not blogged about on here before (minus the not-so-exciting workouts in my dull and tiny apartment gym). It’s my fault for not posting what I’ve been doing on the blog, but with a fresh year ahead, why not start fresh with a promise to update more regularly?

On a personal note, I updated the blog headline to reflect that I am now 30 years old and still budget conscious…although I will pay for quality and convenience if that’s what is going to get me active.

Use your body weight to build muscle definition during a TRX body blast class at Yoga Public.

Use your body weight to build muscle definition during a TRX body blast class at Yoga Public.

I’m also getting married this summer, which is exciting. This upcoming milestone and epic photo moment is providing me with extra motivation to get back into a 3x per week routine (at one point it used to be four times–I was pretty buff then for the petite thing I am.)

To kick things off, I spent about 45 minutes last night organizing my fitness schedule for January. I scheduled myself for a number of classes (they are my favourite as you can tell from my old blog posts) and think of them more as “appointments” that must be kept.

Last fall I signed up for 10 weeks of 1-hour long 30/20/10 classes through the Leisure Guide and only missed ONE when I was away on vacation. The time slot seemed to work with my schedule, so I’ve committed myself to another 10 weeks in winter/spring. (Expect to read more in a future post.)

In the meantime, I’m using a two-week unlimited voucher for Yoga Public. I started today with a 45-minute TRX Body Blast workout. I’ve taken TRX before elsewhere, but seem to have forgotten how to adjust all the straps properly and quickly, so I missed a few moves. Other than that I felt like it was a great, quick, full-body workout class that will definitely help with muscle definition and leave me with sore muscles tomorrow. (But the good kind of sore.)

Up next? A 45-minute hot yin class on Friday followed by a romantic skating date at The Forks or Assiniboine Park with my fiance. I’m excited to increase my workouts in the new year. And as always, keep it interesting with lots of variety, which is key to good cross-training.

So, fellow fitness fanatics, what are your fitness goals for 2013? It could be a goal to try ice skating, join a team sport or a 30-day yoga challenge–please share in the comments below!


If you’ve ever attended a yoga class, then you’re likely familiar with the idea of setting up an “intention” for your practice. The instructor often gives examples of what this might entail, such as “follow the breath,” “don’t let your mind wander,” or “challenge yourself in one pose today.”

Before I go further with this blog, I will set an intention and introduce myself. This blog won’t go anywhere if I don’t give it a purpose.

So here it goes.

Much like setting your intention at the start of a yoga class, the intention is set for the future of Winnipeg Fitness Explorer











I am a 28-year-old professional writer/editor, so my days are relatively sedentary. I don’t mind this fact. It does mean that I have to spend my free time working out. Instead of turning exercise into some nasty grunt work, I’m a firm believer in the advice that cross-training your body is best for your health both physically and mentally. Trying a wide range of activities is stimulating and it helps with getting that desired full-body workout.

It will also likely touch on the three areas of fitness: strength, cardio and flexibility.  I strive to improve all three of these areas through my varied fitness experiences.

My writing  job pays the bills but doesn’t exactly equal big bucks. This means I have to get creative with finding ways to work out.

What this blog is NOT: a weight loss guide. A rant or whine about not losing/gaining inches or weight. It is not a detailed story of struggle (e.g. couldn’t stay on the treadmill for 40 mins) or triumph (e.g. about the extra set of reps I squeezed in) because let’s be honest, WHO CARES? If you are looking for weight loss/fitness motivation, then this blog is not for you. I am not a guru or a fitness expert, but I have a fair bit of experience trying different fitness routines out. In other words, I’m not a complete noob.

What Winnipeg Fitness Explorer intends to do: point people in the direction of the city’s best places to work out, get active and try new things (on the cheap–and it is possible!) If this sounds like something you are looking for, then you should subscribe to my blog pronto!

To sum it up, I am interested in living a healthy lifestyle, open to trying new things (yet am still shy, so the ease/comfort of trying something new is definitely part of the evaluation) and totally, over-the-moon excited to share them.

Preview of upcoming posts include:

-Review on Good Life Fitness Anytime Fitness pass

Passport to Prana

-Best ice skating spots

…and lots more!

Feedback, suggestions and great fitness deals or offers are always welcome.