Front kick, jab, uppercut!


Get your kicks during a Group Kick fitness class at Shapes Fitness Centre.

Hello blog and readers, long time no write. The good news is that I haven’t been neglecting exercise since this last post and today’s. The bad news is that I’ve been failing to share those experiences on here. Well, today I felt inspired after stepping out of my exercise comfort zone and joining a cardio class for mixed martial arts and boxing at Shapes on Pembina (I had a 20 class pass from Dealfind). It was my first group fitness class there (minus a hot yoga class a few weeks earlier, but I’ll go again and report back some other time), and I picked it because I thought it would be good to challenge myself.

Turns out challenge is a good thing.

This Group Kick class rocked out to a super high energy soundtrack and cardio routine laced with punches, jabs, roundhouses, uppercuts, rhythm punches, scissor kicks, jumping jacks, leg lifts and more. Did I know what I was doing? Not really, but I walked in knowing that I wasn’t going to get it right as a beginner (and many props to the instructor for asking who was new, showing some basics and reassuring us noobs that it’s tricky to pick up at first.) I think my attitude of wanting try my best and pass if my body was ever saying “no” to something took any fear away!

I, along with all the other ladies in class, were sweating like bandits. And we all left with that post-endorphin glow after a good workout.

So, would I make this a regular part of my work out? Probably not, as I’m not much of a fighter chick and I like my cardio on the dance-y side, like Zumba. Am I glad I tried it? Yes! And I would attend that type of class here and there to mix up the workout grind. If you want an invigorating workout that also lets you blow off some mental steam (the instructor kept telling us to picture our attacker and aim, haha), then try it out! I could see myself attending again. Maybe I’ll actually be able to tell the difference between a roundhouse and side kick after a few more classes. Today, I was just focused on trying to keep up!

Have you ever taken a boxing or martial arts class before? What did you think?

P.S. Dealfind has a deal write now for martial arts by chance!