Save lots of $$$ on local fitness classes

There are lots of gyms offering great deals right now to meet your new year's resolution fitness goals.

As promised, here’s my handy dandy round up of local fitness specials taking place right now. There seems to be quite a few–perhaps they are anticipating lots of people hitting the gym in the new year post holidays and want to cash in the ol’ ny resolution.

So I spotted the yoga public folks (I wrote about them before here) in Winnipeg Square the other day selling gift cards for their brand new chi chi studio. It’s a stone’s throw from my work, so I’m going to pick one up. Why now? Well, if you purchase a $35 gift card before Dec 24, you will receive will receive three weeks of introductory classes, including towel service. Sounds like a great deal to me and who doesn’t love a little hot yoga in chilly winter months? They also offer TRX classes, which is something I tried earlier in the year and enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to doing some more of those.

Also, the old Blockbuster in Osborne Village is now a Snap Fitness Centre. Another location is also opening in St. Boniface on St. Mary’s. Right now you can get a 20-class pass for $20 on dealfind–amazing! Downside? Classes must be used within 30 days, so you either become super dedicated to visiting the gym, or you won’t get the $1 per class potential.

Yet another new gym–MORfit at 277 Tache Ave is offering a one-month gym membership for $19 on teambuy. Pretty good deal if you are in the area. Here’s a little description as to what the gym offers: a full gym; including free weights, a cardio section, machines, and a fitness studio. Equipment includes: 6x treadmills, 3x ellipticals, 2x rowers, 1x bike (more to be added soon), 5x free weight benches, 2x squat racks, 9 station cable crossover unit
Barbell Bench Press, pec dec, leg press, hamstring curl, chest press machine, hip abd/adduction, and others. They are also offering 20% off a one-year membership if you’re keen on commitment!

Last but not least, if you’re looking to spend a little more moolah on an intense eight-week program, wagjag is offering an eight-week pilates or circuit training program from Donna Sarna Physiotherapy for $49 (Reg $105). The studio is located on Corydon and here are some deets about this circuit program: Donna Sarna’s classes are limit to only 10 people, allowing instructors to provide you with all the attention and guidance necessary, but with at least eight class times per cycle to accommodate many students.

Phew! So as you can see, there’s no excuse right now to find an affordable fitness option and get active in these bone-chilling winter months. Now get out there!


Goodlife Fitness wrap-up

Sun salutations were a big part of yoga-influenced classes at GoodLife Fitness.

Hi everyone! Sorry for my absence. My membership wrapped up at GoodLife Fitness on Nov 30 and I manged to sneak in a few more classes there, so I will quickly touch on those. I’ll also give you a brief update on my fitness status. Tomorrow? A post on some great fitness deals to be had in Winnipeg.

Last post I mentioned a high-intesity 30 mins cardio class. Most classes are actually an hour, so my mistake on that. I took yogafit, bodyflow, yogacore and a zumba class.

I honestly don’t remember the difference between yogafit and yogacore, but I think yogacore felt like a more traditional yoga class with lots of sun salutations and warrior 1 poses etc. Both yoga classes left me feeling stretched out and a bit sore the next day, which I always take as a good sign. Both classes had new age-y music playing in the background, which I liked. It seemed to fit the Goodlife “upbeat and happy” attitude that seems to prevail here. One evening they had a “member appreciation night,” and handed out a bunch of goodies from face masks to hand soap to conditioning treatments to class participants to say thanks for being a member. There was a food tray at the entrance as well. I thought it was a really nice touch.

The Zumba class was fun and it definitely got my heart pumping, especially since it went for a whole hour. I thought it would be short like the other aerobics class I took. Again, a great class to disguise the hidden working out benefits.

The bodyflow was a combo of tai chi (warm up and cool down), yoga and pilates. Traditional yoga/pilates teacher would probably cry sacrilege but I actually really like the variety of exercises in this class. I think there are benefits to doing all three, and this class totally takes advantage of that. I didn’t make it to Goodlife as often as I wanted due to it being kind of out of the way (I’m a bus to work gal now) and the class schedules not meshing with my work schedule, but overall I really liked this gym. I often shop at Superstore, so if I lived closer I would consider getting a membership here and knock two birds off with one stone.

I’ve purchased another wagjag voucher for Goodlife. I think for $22, this one comes with a personal training consultation, gym bag and again, a 30-day membership. I’m going to use it for the location near my work in the Canwest building so that I have a new place to write about and evaluate.

I feel like I’ve hit another fitness slump this month since the GL voucher expired. I’ve done lots of mall walking, which is awesome, but doesn’t quite make up for a proper exercise sesh. I do have a really austere, depressing fitness room in my apartment building that I used once, and will likely use again today for a quick 30-min jog on the elliptical. I renewed my Passport to Prana card and my goal is take a yoga class sometime between the 24th-Jan 2.

Also, if my mom has a guest pass to the Rady Centre (her gym of choice), then hopefully I’ll get to tag along to one of Todd or Max’s classes there–these guys are fun, lively instructors.

Here’s to plenty of health and happiness over the holidays. Stay tuned for my fitness deals tomorrow–you may even want to grab one as a last-minute gift!