Groupon yoga

Work on your triangle pose at Yoga North.

Just thought I’d sneak it in there quickly that Groupon is offering an awesome deal at one of the city’s most respected yoga studios: Yoga North. I attended a class there through Passport to Prana and was quite pleased with the instruction, my only gripe being that you can’t bring water into the studio. Hydration is part of the exercising process and it’s the only studio I’ve encountered thus far where water bottles are banned (I don’t remember seeing a water fountain in there either), so it baffles me slightly. I wish there was a little nook where you could sneak over to your water bottle for a drink away from the practice area, as I understand the studio’s efforts to avoid spills and accidents. Aside from that small blip, it’s top notch. There are two affordable options on Groupon: snag one month of unlimited yoga for $59 or a ten-class pass for $59. You save $5 more off the ten-class pass deal, plus it’s a more flexible option so naturally it’s the more popular choice. The deal is on for two days so there is lots of times to snap up a pass if you need to sleep on it.

I drove by the Zumba/Good Life Fitness folks at the cube stage on the way to a carb-happy Ukrainian lunch (oh, the irony!) and noticed the workout group was pretty small. The instructor was pretty lively and the folks who participated get brave points for essentially being the lunchtime entertainment for a small crowd that watched on as they ate their yummy lunches, like poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie.

But I digress!

I didn’t swim at the lake this weekend, but I did squeeze in some tennis with family on Sunday evening and attended yoga in the park yet again last Thursday. Tomorrow I’ve got a tennis lesson and Wednesday I’m going rollerblading, so at least I’m getting SOME regular exercise, just not enough in my humble opinion. But I won’t beat myself up about and I’ll keep trying my best!


Sweet sweet summer

A coveted set of golf clubs.

Ahhh summer, how I love thee.

It is fantastic in terms of embracing the great outdoors, but not so great in terms of encouraging indoor hobbies e.g. blogging.

So for my regular readers, I sincerely apologize for the long delay between posts.

I have been keeping a fairly steady fitness routine of yoga on Thursday (bag is packed for tomorrow) at lunch for yoga in the park, tennis lessons every second weekend, and then the odd swim/biking session in between that, so in terms of fitness discoveries, I haven’t really been keeping up my end of the bargain. I have lots of plans for fall, so I look forward to drumming up that sort of new content.

I went and hit my first three holes of golf a couple of weekends back at a small driving range/golf course at the end of Roblin (the name escapes me). Minus some shanked hits into the pond, I actually managed to make a couple of beautiful drives and my putting wasn’t too shabby either. I did get a small blister on my hand after all the driving, but ultimately the feeling of not feeling completely hopeless at this popular game triumphed. Who knows, maybe next summer I’ll actually hit the links and shoot a full 18?

With the regular yoga sessions on Thursday, I have definitely seen an improvement in flexibility. I also no longer feel sore after each and every single practice, so it goes to show you how some regular stretching goes a long way.

As far as steal and deals go, groupon has an awesome deal on for a kayaking course for level 1 and 2 (level 1 is sold out already unfortunately) through the Manitoba Paddling Association. If I were more experienced, I would definitely consider purchasing a voucher to try it out with my adventurous significant other!

Goodlife Fitness is offering FREE fitness classes for the next four Mondays at the Cube in the Exchange District! Classes change each week and the first one starts off with a bang with some Zumba. Just remember to bring some water and your own yoga mat.

Now’s a great time to pick up summer sports gear from tennis rackets to in-line skates to golf and baseball gear. is blowing a bunch of that stuff out, so stock up with the prices are hot!

Oh yes, one last thing–I’ve really enjoyed exploring my new St. James neighbourhood via bike and discovering all the beautiful, quiet neighbourhoods where homeowners obviously pride themselves on their home with beautiful, blooming flower gardens. Getting that bike has really helped me embrace the area and check out places I would normally speed by in a car.

Enjoy the rest of this glorious summer while it lasts!