Summer fitness

In-line skating is just one of the many outdoor activities perfect for the summertime!

Apologies readers, as I’ve neglected this blog as of late. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been active. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! With summer comes a flurry of activity, and in my case this has included many sessions of yoga in the park, a couple of tennis matches, swimming at the beach, in-line skating at Assiniboine Park, biking and lots of walking during my lunch breaks. The longer the better, just don’t forget to put on sunscreen!

My fitness regime this week is pretty unstructured. I’ve got plans to attend yoga in the park on Thursday at lunch and then I’d like to visit Grand Beach on Sunday, where walking along the boardwalk and swimming in the lake are always a given. What are some of your favourite fitness activities in summer?

I just thought I’d post that there is yet ANOTHER daily deals site. I’m feeling like this part of the discount market is over saturated and some of these companies are going to start to fall. Anyway, kijiji daily deals is offering six zumba classes for $19 at Ted Motyka Dance Studio on Main St. I used to take salsa there and the instruction is good. The space is even grander. I’d bet the zumba is a pretty fun bet and the price/class commitment would give you a good taste of the program.

On a final note, I have one more class to take at Sustainable Fitness TRX training. Once I complete that, I will enter a full review!

Thanks for reading!