Sports sale!

I've got my eye on a pretty helmet like this one as part of Sport Chek's upcoming sale!

Ok, two more awesome sports deals out there that I stumbled on that I just had to share!

Starting tomorrow and for the next six days, Sport Chek is putting on their spend & get event — spend $100 get a $20 promotion gift card; spend $250 and get a $50 promotion gift card. Since I’m picking up a $300 bike, I can easily use that money toward purchasing a sleek new helmet and bike lock. The promotion applies to pretty much everything in the store. You only have until July 31st to spend the promo card, so keep that in mind.

Also, teambuy has a special for 12 beach body boot camp sessions from Sweatmarks for $19 (reg $197). The camp is circuit based, so expect a nice balance of cardio and strength training in there. The price and savings is super awesome for this deal. There are two locations: 421 Beaverhil Blvd and 2-1871 Pembina Hwy.

I followed through and did my suspension boot camp again. Man, what a workout. I’m sore again, but at least my quads don’t feel like death. It took several days to fully recover! I plan to attend one more session and then I’ll do a write up on Suspension TRX boot camps. So far my initial experience has been positive!



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