Beat soreness tips and Yoga deal on Teambuy

Drink lots of water post-workout to help avoid soreness the next day!

Ow, I’m a bit sore from yesterday’s class as to be expected. Anyone have some easy tips and tricks to ease the pain? I know drinking water is one of them. I better fill up a glass after this.

So the big news today in Winnipeg is the return of the NHL. I am excited for the team to return (I remember my Dad telling me way back when they’d be back — the Southern states will never ‘get’ hockey) and for the interest it will spark in younger kiddies to get active and play the game too. I’m heading to the party at Portage & Main/The Forks for lunch — anyone else going?

On a quick final note, there is a deal on teambuy for $39 for a 10 Class Yoga Pass to Centered Yoga & Fitness ($105 Value) in River Heights (1 Sir John Franklin Road). Again, I’m not familiar with this studio but if you’re looking for an affordable yoga class, this option is a pretty good one. They use Ashtanga yoga, which I’ve always wanted to try. Maybe I’ll give it a go?






2 responses

  1. Epsom salts in a warm to hot bath, will melt away the post yoga ouch! Works for me.
    Thanks for the great info packed blog,

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