Boot camp update & Zumba deal

Join the dance party with a great deal on Zumba classes at Magic N Motion Studio.

Well, I just finished my first Sustainable Fitness TRX boot camp and didn’t pass out or throw up (which isn’t uncommon according to the friendly trainer, Ian), so that was awesome! I really like many elements about the class and am already looking to my next class (it’s the endorphin talking right now) on Wednesday. I won’t post more until I give it another try, but so far it’s a quality experience that both challenges while allowing people to work at their own pace.

I didn’t want to leave out today’s spectacular deal on Already 541 people have purchased! You get 20 Zumba and Cardio Pump It classes for $20 (reg. $200) at Magic N Motion Studio. I have no knowledge and have not heard any buzz on the street about this studio, but obviously it’s got fans or curious ‘peggers interested! The deal ends in 8 hours, so hop on it. I’m going to pass due to its location, but the value really is incredible.




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  1. TRX is awesome! I did the boot camp with SF and in other boot camps I’ve done with them, they’ve incorporated the TRX. I actually have one at home as well, just don’t have proper space to use it at the moment! Be prepared – you will experience some pretty decent soreness from TRX, but so worth it!

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