Back in fitness business!

Kettlebell swings are just one of the fitness boot camp activities at Brick House Gym.

My bad, I abandoned the blog during the move and any semblance of a fitness routine. To make up for it though, I looked up how many calories burned while moving boxes, cleaning, unpacking etc. here. So I haven’t been totally sedentary. I’ve just been subbing in housework for exercise. But that’s slowing down, the weather is heating up and I’m feeling motivated to get back out there and explore more fitness options!

I mentioned before that I did my first boot camp at Brick House Gym a couple of weeks ago. I’ll reserve full judgement until I return (and I will!) but let’s just say it kicked my butt. The class consisted of a bunch of bursts/running on an elliptical for five minutes (was tired by that point). Each 1-minute station in the circuit consisted of:

• bouncing and catching a 4 lbs ball off the wall as fast as I could in one minute per hand

• swinging a tug of war rope back and forth with both hands (it was wrapped around a pole and felt really heavy!)

• crunches while holding a 25 lb weight over my head

• walking across the room there and back twice with 20 lb free weights in each hand

• side seated twists while holding a 4 lb ball

• jump rope

• leg curls using an exercise ball

• jabs using three lbs weight

•half pull ups with a bar from a lying down position

•deep push ups (arms were on raised steps and you had to dip your torso below them and push yourself back up, so hard!)

•lateral jumps using a bosu

kettle bell swings

And repeat for a second round. I was toast by the end and felt like puking the middle. Ah yes, good times. I haven’t been back but I plan on it now that I feel like things are settling down at home. I’ve only got a few boxes left to unpack.

As for future fitness goals this week? I’ve made plans with my mom to bat around the tennis ball at Tuxedo Tennis Club, where I have been a member for the past few years with my family. It’s where I had my first job way back when I was a teeny bopper 17-year-old (and had never swung a tennis racket in my life) and where I first tried the sport two summers ago. I’ve been in love ever since! I’ve also put out a call amongst friends to bat around the ball casually, so hopefully that pans out with all this nice sunshine we’re enjoying. I’ll post more about this great affordable sport in the future.

As for fitness deals, this one on dealfind is hotter than hot. $20 for 20 classes at Shapes (reg. $180)! There are three great locations and Shapes is renowned for having top notch fitness instructors. I have heard the odd bad story about trying to cancel contracts with them, but since this pass comes with no strings attached then it shouldn’t be a problem.

There is also five hours left to snag a 10-class pass to Yoga, Pilates and More for $35 through Teambuy (reg $130). I’ve blogged about this cute little studio a bit here. Again, I find it a little strange that this deal was already offered through Teambuy but I guess the deal works for both businesses. As a consumer, I’d like to see some new deals appear!

On a somewhat related fitness note, you can skate ’round the roller rink at Wheelies with four family members and/or friends for $12 (reg. $24) (roller discos are huge in the UK, not sure if it’s got the same trendoid factor in Winnipeg) from a newly discovered group buying site called You know you want to relive those old patrol* days!

(*Former school patrols in the 90s will know what I’m talking about).


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  1. Great post! I was tempted to go for the Shapes deal but I recently purchased a similar deal at Be Yoga. Have you heard of them? If so, what do you think?

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