Dance Up A Sweat

Build upper body strength fast at Fantasy Pole Dancing

I just had to post a link to this deal because it’s supposed to be a fun, challenging workout. Today on dealfind, pole dancing classes (not valid for yoga, seductive stretching etc.) are on offer at Fantasy Pole Dancing (for ladies only). The owner is adding extra classes to accomodate everyone signing up through the promotion, so click on the “discussion” link for the new schedule. I’ve heard it’s pretty challenging but awesome for buildling upper strength. My co-worker and I are pondering picking one up just to give it a go. It won’t totally break the bank if you commit to all 20 classes. Has anyone tried one of these classes before?

And, if you haven’t already, there’s a wagjag deal expiring soon for a one-month pass to Urban Wellness Centre, which I’ve blogged about a bit before here. $19 for unlimited use for one month is a great intro price. One thing that’s kind of lame is that Wagjag has already done a deal with Urban Wellness Centre, and that coupon group hasn’t even been around that long. There’s no reason to be brokering a deal with a local business again so soon.

Anyway, just thought I’d share these fitness finds in case you’re looking for  a spring shape up routine and don’t want to break the bank trying something new.


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