Boot Camp Nerves & More Fitness Promos

Getting prepared to tone and shape up at Brickhouse Gym fitness boot camp.

First off, I’ve been slacking in the fitness department. And it’s been bugging me. A lot.

I bit the bullet and signed up for my first fitness boot camp EVER tomorrow at Brickhouse Gym using my teambuy voucher that I purchased awhile back. No time like the present to use it!

I keep envisioning a svelte Giselle-like body that could be mine post-workout as a way to block out all the pain and soreness I’m about to experience. I know I’m going to get my arse whipped into shape. Expect some ridiculous posts on this series of classes in the future.

On top of all that, the website looks like it’s for beefy types. I think I’m going to make sure they know I’m a newbie so that I don’t get too discouraged or take on too much at the start. Everyone knows that is the #1 way to derail any sort of fitness plan. Fingers crossed it works out! On the plus side, the guy on the phone sounded really nice. He explained I could use the voucher on boxing boot camps or regular circuit style. I chose the latter.

Switching gears, there are a few deals out there for fitness buffs. This one’s for morning types at Sweatmarks Fitness Boot Camp through SwarmJam. Nice name! You get one month of boot camps for $55 (reg $197) during morning classes between 6 am-8 am Mon, Wed and Fri. I guess you’d get to go as many times as you want during the month, so that’s kind of motivating to get the most bang for your buck. There are also two locations according to the SwarmJam site, but I couldn’t seem to find the addresses on the website. One nice feature about this boot camp, should you choose to go long-term, is a money-back guarantee. That’s one thing that always makes me nervous about plopping down huge sums of money for a gym membership and the like — what if you hate it and want to back out? At least this company claims to have a money-back guarantee.

Yogis, there’s a deal for you too. Body Logic Wellness Centre in Charleswood (3684 Robin Blvd) is offering five or ten class passes at half price (10 for $50, reg $100 or 5 for $25, reg $50) through Groupon. It’s a warm yoga studio, which I personally like better than hot since it’s not too uncomfortable, yet you’re still bendy. There’s not a whole lot of classes up on the schedule (and it’s unclear if the groupon can be used for pilates classes) but I imagine they will have to run some more to accommodate all the new clients.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more fitness deals and keep you all posted. I know I promised a blog on Peg City Yoga, but between yoga and moving (so I haven’t been completely sedentary!) I haven’t had time to fully jot down my thoughts.


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