Anytime Fitness – Double Deals!

My current moving process has kept my evenings fairly full, but I have still managed to squeeze in another class at Peg City Yoga with a couple of co-workers. I will make it a priority this week to get that post about this adorable Osborne Village studio up and running.

In the meantime, my quest for affordable fitness has found not one, but two deals for Anytime Fitness on Ness Ave. One’s a freebie and one’s a bargain buy!

One is courtesy of those little facebook ads that pop up on the side. If you “like” the Anytime Fitness facebook page, you will notice a free gift for a two week membership. This is a great option for trying it out!

If you’ve got $20 and don’t want to cram a trial into a two-week period, you can get 20 visits for $20 through a teambuy deal. I bought a similar voucher for Anytime Fitness through ($15 for 20 visits), but a $1 per visit is still awesome value. Also, you get a 20% discount should you convert over to a membership and there’s a 20% discount on tanning with the voucher, if that’s your thing.

My one complaint is the lack of aerobic class schedule online at Anytime Fitness as that’s one of my main reasons for picking up a gym membership.

So what’s it going to be? Take your pick and get active!


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