Peg City Preview

It’s been a busy week in terms of finding a place to live (finally!) and squeezing in an incredible, stress-relieving session at Peg City Yoga. By the end of my 1.5 hour practice, I practically passed out in savasana, partially from the workout, partially from receiving some good news about finding a place to live and just letting all those built-up tensions go in my body.

Last week I attended a slow flow class at Peg City Yoga using my passport to prana card (one free class) and tomorrow I’m expanding my yoga horizons and trying out the back bend/spine opening class using The Lifestyle Pass (you and a friend get a free class). I am definitely NOT a fan of back bends, but maybe this time of class will help me find some back opening positions that make me not dread them so much (or so I hope!)

Rather than posting twice about the same place, I just thought I’d update to say I’m still alive and still ready to try out new things for this blog. Stay tuned for my studio experience. It also helps that my house has Internet again after a week without it!

And if you’re looking for a boot camp including a private fitness assesement, check out SwarmJam‘s deal with Advantage Conditioning. This boot camp is held in Assiniboine Park, making for a pretty backdrop while you sweat bullets and tone up. The package costs $75 ($160.95 reg), which is a little steep as far as these deal sites go. BUT you do get the personal assessment, a workout plan for “off” days from the boot camp, 12 sessions and follow up every four weeks to check in on results. It’s worth the splurge if you need that extra encouragement I reckon.




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  1. Hey, I was just at PegCity last night! Used my passport to prana there last week for a Flow class, and went back last night for the Prana Vinyasa Flow – the 3* class. It was just the new posture challenge I was looking for, so I will go back!

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