Dance Up A Sweat

Build upper body strength fast at Fantasy Pole Dancing

I just had to post a link to this deal because it’s supposed to be a fun, challenging workout. Today on dealfind, pole dancing classes (not valid for yoga, seductive stretching etc.) are on offer at Fantasy Pole Dancing (for ladies only). The owner is adding extra classes to accomodate everyone signing up through the promotion, so click on the “discussion” link for the new schedule. I’ve heard it’s pretty challenging but awesome for buildling upper strength. My co-worker and I are pondering picking one up just to give it a go. It won’t totally break the bank if you commit to all 20 classes. Has anyone tried one of these classes before?

And, if you haven’t already, there’s a wagjag deal expiring soon for a one-month pass to Urban Wellness Centre, which I’ve blogged about a bit before here. $19 for unlimited use for one month is a great intro price. One thing that’s kind of lame is that Wagjag has already done a deal with Urban Wellness Centre, and that coupon group hasn’t even been around that long. There’s no reason to be brokering a deal with a local business again so soon.

Anyway, just thought I’d share these fitness finds in case you’re looking for  a spring shape up routine and don’t want to break the bank trying something new.


Two Practices, One Peg City Yoga Studio

Going with the flow at Peg City Yoga.

I’m currently taking a break from packing (it never ends!) and royal watching to jot down my thoughts about Peg City Yoga, a studio I’ve attended a few times through Passport to Prana & the Lifestyle Pass. Thanks to these awesome programs (read about Passport to Prana here), Peg City Yoga is one of my favourite discoveries.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Lifestyle Pass, it’s a $40 pass, that guides Winnipeggers to local businesses offering the best of the best lifestyle experiences from clothing to food to spa to fitness. There are great discounts to be had in this pass, from 2 for 1 for the hamam at Ten Spa to discounted fitness passes at places like Pilates Manitoba. For details on where to pick up this must-have coupon book, click here.

Back to the review, here’s a breakdown on this studio based on my few visits.

Who: Peg City Yoga

Where: On the second floor of a business on Osborne, 1/2 – 213 Osborne St (love the free parking at the back!)

Style: Took Flow Yoga and Slow Flow

Best for: Yogis comfortable with the basics will comfortably transition into slow flow. There isn’t a ton of time spent on demonstration, so it might not be the best choice if you aren’t familiar with proper form. Flow yoga is best for those who want a real challenge and invigorating workout. The studio is warm, but not hot.

Studio: Neatly tucked away on the second floor in an older building, this yoga studio ticks all the boxes in the cute, cozy and character catagories. The studio has a vintage vibe, as one can tell from the cool embossed ceiling. Plants and zen-like decor accents at the front of the room are pleasant touches.  The hardwood floors are nice, until you end up on a creaky spot. If you can find the sweet non-squeaky spot, it’s a lovely space to practice in.  The major pitfall is the itty bitty changing rooms that can’t accommodate an entire class. It’s cramped and crowded, so if you can, change at home where you won’t be elbowing your neighbour.

Vibe: Right from the intro at the front desk, the vibe is really laid-back and chilled, but make no mistake, the instructors and yogis are serious about their practice. Looking around during the class, there didn’t seem to to be any brand spanking new beginner types. Everyone worked at their own level of course, but I could sense that everyone had been doing this for awhile and appeared to be loyal to the studio judging from snippits of conversations. The instructors typically sign everyone in and were all really friendly and encouraging to new visitors to the studio, a must if you want people to return!

Cost: Used my Passport to Prana card/Lifestyle Pass. For non-cardholders, there’s a one-month intro deal for $59.99 and three months for $159.99 (seniors and students receive 10% off). Otherwise it’s a $15 drop-in fee, 1 month for $99.99, 3 month 279.99 , 5 classes $59.99, 10 classes $109.99, 15 classes $149.99.

Experience: I have mixed reviews on my practices, one of them because I was in a class that was too advanced. I was expecting a slow flow class, so I wasn’t mentally prepared for it. That being said, I heard grumblings in the change room and among my colleagues about the difficulty of that class, which was only rated at 2-star (beginning/continuing). My big gripe about the class was the lack of intention setting. After a quick warm-up, the class immediately launched into a side plank with a leg hovering. Two points of balance right off the hop? Not cool! Of course I kept shaking holding the pose and modified to suit my body’s ability. I felt frustrated and annoyed the whole class after that. Again, I looked up the wrong class so it was partially my own fault for coming in with different expectations, but I also don’t think that side plank, or many of the moves, would be considered beginner, which is how the class was partially labeled. Beginner options should have been offered, which they weren’t.

That being said, my practice previous to the frustrating one was incredible. The instructor passed out chanting scripts, something I had never done before. I did the “om” at the beginning and was just open to the chanting bit. Didn’t feel comfortable jumping in since I didn’t know the words or tune, but pretty much everyone else was into it. Everyone followed a series of flow moves after that at their own pace and it flew by. I’ll never forget how relaxed I felt at the end of that slow flow, where I practically melted into the mat after the instructor placed a blanket on everyone in savasana.

Overall I’d give the studio a pretty good rating though. I’d like to go back there at some point, but for now I’ve got more places to explore!

Up next? Brickhouse Gym fitness boot camp. Let’s just say I almost threw up after round one. Here’s hoping I get in better shape soon!

Boot Camp Nerves & More Fitness Promos

Getting prepared to tone and shape up at Brickhouse Gym fitness boot camp.

First off, I’ve been slacking in the fitness department. And it’s been bugging me. A lot.

I bit the bullet and signed up for my first fitness boot camp EVER tomorrow at Brickhouse Gym using my teambuy voucher that I purchased awhile back. No time like the present to use it!

I keep envisioning a svelte Giselle-like body that could be mine post-workout as a way to block out all the pain and soreness I’m about to experience. I know I’m going to get my arse whipped into shape. Expect some ridiculous posts on this series of classes in the future.

On top of all that, the website looks like it’s for beefy types. I think I’m going to make sure they know I’m a newbie so that I don’t get too discouraged or take on too much at the start. Everyone knows that is the #1 way to derail any sort of fitness plan. Fingers crossed it works out! On the plus side, the guy on the phone sounded really nice. He explained I could use the voucher on boxing boot camps or regular circuit style. I chose the latter.

Switching gears, there are a few deals out there for fitness buffs. This one’s for morning types at Sweatmarks Fitness Boot Camp through SwarmJam. Nice name! You get one month of boot camps for $55 (reg $197) during morning classes between 6 am-8 am Mon, Wed and Fri. I guess you’d get to go as many times as you want during the month, so that’s kind of motivating to get the most bang for your buck. There are also two locations according to the SwarmJam site, but I couldn’t seem to find the addresses on the website. One nice feature about this boot camp, should you choose to go long-term, is a money-back guarantee. That’s one thing that always makes me nervous about plopping down huge sums of money for a gym membership and the like — what if you hate it and want to back out? At least this company claims to have a money-back guarantee.

Yogis, there’s a deal for you too. Body Logic Wellness Centre in Charleswood (3684 Robin Blvd) is offering five or ten class passes at half price (10 for $50, reg $100 or 5 for $25, reg $50) through Groupon. It’s a warm yoga studio, which I personally like better than hot since it’s not too uncomfortable, yet you’re still bendy. There’s not a whole lot of classes up on the schedule (and it’s unclear if the groupon can be used for pilates classes) but I imagine they will have to run some more to accommodate all the new clients.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more fitness deals and keep you all posted. I know I promised a blog on Peg City Yoga, but between yoga and moving (so I haven’t been completely sedentary!) I haven’t had time to fully jot down my thoughts.

Anytime Fitness – Double Deals!

My current moving process has kept my evenings fairly full, but I have still managed to squeeze in another class at Peg City Yoga with a couple of co-workers. I will make it a priority this week to get that post about this adorable Osborne Village studio up and running.

In the meantime, my quest for affordable fitness has found not one, but two deals for Anytime Fitness on Ness Ave. One’s a freebie and one’s a bargain buy!

One is courtesy of those little facebook ads that pop up on the side. If you “like” the Anytime Fitness facebook page, you will notice a free gift for a two week membership. This is a great option for trying it out!

If you’ve got $20 and don’t want to cram a trial into a two-week period, you can get 20 visits for $20 through a teambuy deal. I bought a similar voucher for Anytime Fitness through ($15 for 20 visits), but a $1 per visit is still awesome value. Also, you get a 20% discount should you convert over to a membership and there’s a 20% discount on tanning with the voucher, if that’s your thing.

My one complaint is the lack of aerobic class schedule online at Anytime Fitness as that’s one of my main reasons for picking up a gym membership.

So what’s it going to be? Take your pick and get active!

Peg City Preview

It’s been a busy week in terms of finding a place to live (finally!) and squeezing in an incredible, stress-relieving session at Peg City Yoga. By the end of my 1.5 hour practice, I practically passed out in savasana, partially from the workout, partially from receiving some good news about finding a place to live and just letting all those built-up tensions go in my body.

Last week I attended a slow flow class at Peg City Yoga using my passport to prana card (one free class) and tomorrow I’m expanding my yoga horizons and trying out the back bend/spine opening class using The Lifestyle Pass (you and a friend get a free class). I am definitely NOT a fan of back bends, but maybe this time of class will help me find some back opening positions that make me not dread them so much (or so I hope!)

Rather than posting twice about the same place, I just thought I’d update to say I’m still alive and still ready to try out new things for this blog. Stay tuned for my studio experience. It also helps that my house has Internet again after a week without it!

And if you’re looking for a boot camp including a private fitness assesement, check out SwarmJam‘s deal with Advantage Conditioning. This boot camp is held in Assiniboine Park, making for a pretty backdrop while you sweat bullets and tone up. The package costs $75 ($160.95 reg), which is a little steep as far as these deal sites go. BUT you do get the personal assessment, a workout plan for “off” days from the boot camp, 12 sessions and follow up every four weeks to check in on results. It’s worth the splurge if you need that extra encouragement I reckon.