YMCA visits complete & lots of spring exercise deals!

My apologies for not updating, but it’s been a stressful week trying to get a move organized. I felt so stressed one night in fact, that I passed on checking out the pool Thursday night at the YMCA in favour of chilling out on the couch with a movie. We’ve all been there.

Getting fit for summer in the great outdoors with a fitness boot camp

I did make it for one more session at the YMCA last week before my pass expired on Friday. I felt sore the next day (always a good sign!) My TV screen on my elliptical was broken and again, there were some neighbourly exercisers that didn’t know how to put on deodorant. But I’ll let that all slide because the facility itself is excellent and I’m glad I used my two-week pass there through CBC’s Live Right Now challenge. I made it for four visits, which isn’t too bad. I would have loved to try the pool.

With bosu freeing up my Tuesday nights (I’ve got a birthday gathering filling in that vacant night already), I’m really going to have to push to make sure I get some weekly workouts in there. How do busy parents fit in exercise?

I’ve got a boot camp voucher through teambuy.ca, a gym pass (near my new place if I get it!) through dealfind and some classes to take advantage of on my passport to prana card and lots of great classes to try out through the Lifestyle Pass. I will keep you posted on what comes next starting this Thursday!

In the meantime, there’s a last chance deal through WagJag for fitness classes at Total Spirit Fitness. I’m not familiar with this studio at all, (Marquis Dance Academy location at 20 Island Shore Blvd., Unit 3) but it seems like it’s located in Island Lakes suburbia. There are classes offered Mon-Sat both during daytime and evening in classes like yoga, zumba, power tone etc. The deal is for 10 classes for $39 (reg. $100) and there is no expiry date on the voucher, which is pretty rare.

My boot camp knowledge is nil, but I know there seems to be a lot of deals out there so I’ll mention them.

SwarmJam is offering a 10-class fitness pass to 10 high intensity boot camp classes through Aspire Fitness (3501 McGillivray Blvd | Winnipeg, MB | R3Y1G5 | 204.832.0328) for $39-$29 (reg. $150) depending on how many people buy. The class name is pretty self-explanatory. This deal expires in two days and the voucher expires in March 2012.

Teambuy.ca is also offering a deal on boot camp classes (‘Tis the season!) from Phitt Chicks Fitness Boot Camps (450 Lilac Street, 204 218-3024). This one is close to where I live so I’m tempted to buy it, but I’ve got another boot camp voucher that I haven’t cashed in  yet. The deal here is 10 sessions for $32 (reg. $125).

It seems like boot camps are hotter than hot and perfect for getting your bod into shape for swimsuit season. So tell me, have you gone the boot camp route? Is it awesome? I’m terrified (but still willing to give it a go) for some reason!

I know I missed a couple of other deals that popped up last week, so I promise to stay on top of that more. The lesson to be learned? Affordability shouldn’t be a barrier to fitness with all these great deals around. And like I’ve mentioned before, even the YMCA offers reduced memberships for those on low incomes.


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