Leisure guide & discounted yoga/pilates pass

Registration for summer leisure programs starts Mon, Mar 14, 9 am.

Good news! I signed up for the YMCA downtown on Friday for my two week trial pass. It’s getting late, so I’ll save my impressions on that experience for my next post.

For this post, I want to just send two quick reminders:

1) TeamBuy.ca is offering a discounted 10-class package to Yoga, Pilates & More for $35 (Reg. $130). I’ve actually been there before (it’s in the south end of the city) for a $5 drop-in class open house and from what I remember, it’s actually quite cute. The first time drop-in rate is only $5, so take advantage of that if you want to test the waters.

The studio itself is not super massive, but it’s very clean, mod and the yoga teacher had a nice demeanor to her. I do remember there being some new age-y music in the class, which I had trouble not laughing at during savasana at the end. Anyway, if you’re out in this neck of the woods I’d recommend this studio. What I love about the schedule is there are other classes available, like Zumba and bosu to offer some variety. One downside is the schedule heavily favours 9-5ers…there aren’t any daytime/early am options if that fits in with your schedule better, so keep that in mind.

2) Leisure guide registration starts tomorrow! I typically sign up for one class in fall and one in winter. Since I am moving to a new neighbourhood soon and pursuing this blog, I won’t be registering tomorrow. That being said, the Leisure Guide is one of my favourite resources for fitness activities. The registration fees are affordable (my bosu class is typically under $70 for 10 classes, that’s less than $10 a visit!)

I would defo take a browse through the online catalogue (if you haven’t already) and pick something new…think of it as spring cleaning your workout routine. Some people find scheduling a regular class restricting. I find it assuring that I have this block of time reserved for exercise, so I KNOW it will get done. Tuesday is my last bosu/cardio class of the winter session and I made it for 10/10 classes. I haven’t done that for awhile! The kettle bell fitness course interests me as it’s supposed to be the hot new fitness toy. My bosu/cardio class is up for sign-up again, but I typically start tennis clinic on Tuesdays come May, so that’s it for that class.

Let me know what course you signed up for in the comments!



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