Eight ladies-only fitness specials at Images Fitness Centre

Ladies only fitness deals at Images Fitness Centre

If you missed it in your inbox yesterday, there’s an excellent deal through Groupon for 10 yoga classes or one-month unlimited access membership at Image Fitness, a women’s fitness centre on Ness Ave. I like the all-women’s aspect, particuarly when it comes to the weights area. I always feel like a strange intruder with my mini biceps and 5 lb free weights around the congregation of big, beefy men pumping iron.

With this particular deal you can either choose a one-month membership to the gym (including access to aerobics classes) for $29 ($69 value) or a 10-class yoga pass for $49 ($110 value).

But wait, there are more deals to be had at this centre!

Ladies under 18 can get one month’s worth of access + 5 yoga classes for $59 (Reg $109), +18 ladies get the same option for $65 (Reg. $114).

Three months of unlimited yoga are available for $199 to members, $249 for non-members.

One month’s unlimited personal training is also on special for $399 (30 min session) or $499 (60 min sessions). I feel like there is more to this particular promotion than meets the eye, but since it’s out of my price range at the mo’ I’ll leave the adventure up to you to discover.


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