Freebie alert: Cross-country skiing/snowshoeing clinic & rentals

To pick up where I left off, thanks to Terry and Marcy for having me on Information Radio on Wednesday morning. It was an early wake up but lots of fun. I love CBC’s “Live Right Now” initiative. It’s so refreshing to see the media using their power to influence people to get up off the couch and get active. I plan to sign up for the free two weeks at the YMCA through the program and blog about it.

Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit ill on Tuesday so the last two days have been about resting up in bed. Not so much about fitness exploration.

In the meantime, this blog has inspired me to start a twitter account as well, where I’ll post mini fitness snippits and deals as often as possible. Please follow me @wpgfitexplorer.

One hot deal that I mentioned on Information Radio is Snow Trek 2011 as part of the city’s Winter in Motion program. Snow Trek takes place this Sunday (Feb 13) at Living Prairie Museum (2795 Ness Ave). Rentals and lessons are all FREE, so if you’ve ever wanted to try out snowshoeing or cross-country skiing (or if you haven’t done it since jr. high like yours truly) under the watchful eye of expert guides, then this is your golden ticket, folks! Cross-country ski lessons take place every 45 mins and guided snowshoe hikes take place every 30 mins. Equipment rental is available for kids and adults. It’s an affordable, family-friendly alternative to your typical fitness grind and an awesome way to beat the winter blahs. The event runs noon-4 pm.

X-country skiing--a great cardio workout in the great outdoors

I went with a group of friends to FortWhyte Alive in early Jan for the first Snow Trek of 2011 and the cross-country program was top notch (minus the bone-chilling wind, but the forecast is much better for this weekend). Great instruction presented in a fun & games way that had the whole group interacting (kids and adults) and racing each other. I cannot recommend this program enough. I’m also told cross-country skiing is one of the most challenging cardio workouts around. I’d agree with that assessment–my sore groin the next day was a testament as to how hard it works your body. Make sure to stretch before and after. If it wasn’t so chilly we would have tried the snowshoeing as well; I’m sure it’s handled just as professionally. Props to Olympia Cycle & Ski for loaning equipment for these clinics.

I have no formal plans as of yet to attend this weekend’s clinic as my ski buddy is currently in Mexico (lucky gal!) I’m sure I can rope somebody into going…

If you do attend, please share your experience. If not, please pass the word on to someone who might enjoy this program. The more we support these kinds of initiatives, the more likely they are to continue in the future.


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