Deals, deals, deals

I set out to post about deals in this blog, so here I am making good on the promise.

There are two hot limited-time deals on right now through those awesome discount sites: and

I’m including my referral links because I can use the credits to help fund my adventures in fitness through these websites, which equals quality content for you! If you are interested in either of the offers, please use the links below.  I’ve purchased them both (kind of dreading the boot camp one…) so expect reviews on those fitness experiences in the future. I’ll also try to snuff out any intro deals to these establishments for those who are passing on the teambuy and dealfind offers.

Deal #1: $35 for 10 boot camp sessions at Brickhouse Gym on Corydon or Century. That’s $3.50 a session, awesome value!  The regular price is $120, which isn’t too bad either.

Deal #2: $15 for 20 visits to Anytime Fitness on Ness. The pass must be used within 3 months, so keep that in mind. Huge savings — less than a dollar per visit (reg. value $200).

The great things about these sites is they make fitness more accessible. There also isn’t a huge money commitment upfront, so if you hate it then you only lose a few bucks. At least you tried. Make sure to read the fine print and conditions before purchasing. These group discount sites are an excellent way to discover your new favourite fitness experience. The key is finding a fitness activity that works and is enjoyable for you. Happy exploring!


On a related note, I’ve been asked to talk about Winnipeg Fitness Explorer on CBC Manitoba‘s Information Radio (89.3 FM) with hosts Marcy Markusa and Terry MacLeod tomorrow morning at 6:15 am in relation to CBC’s Live Right Now initiative (oh yes, there is a great freebie part of that program to be discussed as well.)

So far the support has been all positive; I’m really glad I started this blog. I’ll chat about some of the hot fitness deals in town right now, set out the blog’s “intention”, and lots more. Please tune in and relay your feedback.







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